Yes, I’m afraid of widows and orphans

November 18, 2015

Yesterday, while in full campaign mode, President Obama quipped that Republicans who had problems handling the moderators at the last Republican debates were now showing fear of widows and orphans.  Quite frankly I believe that if he desired to show some common sense at all he to would be showing fear of these particular widows and orphans.   It would help to stop and think about this just a little bit.  How where these widows and orphans made widows and orphans?  Many of there husbands and fathers were killed by American armaments.   Many others where killed by ISIS after we Americans did not come to there defense and back them up.  You don’t think that there might be just a little bit of ill feelings among some of these widows and orphans.  We are talking about the kind of ill feelings that are not glossed over with tripe sayings by overly arrogant American politicians.  Those who harbor bad feelings will continue to harbor those feelings for many years until one day the opportunity comes along for them to stike back.


Yes Mr President you are damn right!!  I am afraid of these particular widows and orphans.  It would really help if you would get your head out of your you know what and realize they pose a real threat to all of America!