Why does Trump have to lie?
Oct 26 2015


I like many of my fellow Americans am totally upset with the direction the country is taking.  I feel totally betrayed by Republicans who are so afraid of the main stream media that they refuse to keep their promises to buck the liberal agenda in any meaningful way.  I gravitate naturally to Donald Trump and his positions on most subjects.  I do have a problem though when he just out and out lies about what he has said in the past.


Back when few where paying much attention he declared that it was a mistake to go into Afghanistan.  He not only said it was a mistake he said that some very smart people in Washington where coming to some very dumb conclusions concerning fighting a war in Afghanistan.  Now quite frankly agree or not I have no problem with his having such a position.  I further have no problem with him now changing that position if after careful consideration he feels he was wrong.  My problem is his denial of ever have taken the original position.  There are tapes of the comments.  HE SAID WHAT HE SAID!!!.  Now he has the audacity to claim he never said it.


Sounds like he’s learning how to be just another politician like the rest of them!