Trump wins again

December 17, 2015

I am totally amazed as to how all of the know everything pundits just don’t understand what is going on.  Every time they pronounce that Trump has finally gone over the top with his latest outrageous idiot proposal the right wing idiots of the Republican party come out stronger than ever for him!  There are three major points here that they are missing.


Number one is the fact that the hard core conservative doesn’t consider much of what Trump is saying as stupid. In fact they pretty much agree with him so when the pundit suggests that it is stupid they are implying (if not outright saying) that the person who accepts the arguments is also stupid.  No one likes being called an idiot.  So when I say these people are the real idiots they get upset.  Duh!!  I’ve got news for you,  all of your sophisticated arguments are falling on deaf ears.  You, in fact are what I like to call educated idiots.  Oh, geez, looks like I’m doing what I’m accusing you all of doing now.  I wonder, have I changed any minds with this tactic?


Number two is the fact that you have not come up with any solutions other than following the same course we are now on to solve the problems Trump is addressing.  The problems exist like it or not!  The leftest feel goodie programs tried in the past have not corrected those problems.  No amount of lying and fudging the facts   is going to change this.  It is time for real and effective change.  Our present establishment politicians are not capable of letting go of their favorite unworkable programs for sundry personal reasons.  The people know it and quite frankly I believe the pundits do also.  The pundits just have to much invested in the present solutions to be able to seriously consider taking new positions.


A third point to be made is that despite the vast knowledge of the various experts in the field, they are not the ones who will make the final decisions.  Our American forefathers screwed up in one very important area. They gave the population the democratic vote.  Oh I know any time anyone suggests that we pay attention to the will of the people we are reminded that this country in not a democracy but rather a republic.  Well, look out fellow Americans.  We are rapidly approaching the time when the country throws off the yokes of being led by leaders and start demanding that our government follow the will of the people.