Learning How To Blog
Oct 23 2015


I am still here.  Still looking on making this blog a worthwhile visit.  Those of you that know me know that I have been actively maintaining for several years.  Many of my friends consider me some sort of web guru  Just not true.  Takes me forever to really learn something.  My hours are filled with all sorts of activities and not enough time to devote to learning new projects!  I just visited and found tons of instructional material on how to do a blog.   This will take some time to get through and to try all of the different techniques!


One of the things, I’m learning from reading blogs about blogs is you need to write articles on a regular basis.  I see that some successful bloggers hire post writers to fill there blogs with interesting posts.   I may find myself doing that in the future but for now, I ll just continue to post my personal musings as I go through the process of building this up.


I have several areas of interest.  Obviously from the title you might guess that I’m interested in politics and having a say about what’s going on in the political world.  I also run my own internet company with a couple of sucessful web sites, and  To keep my days full I am also enrolled in a Doctoral program from Capella University (online).   I’m wosrking on a degree specializing in Adult Education.  Once in a while I get to mess around in my home recording studio where I have been able to put together some awesome software, all of which I need to take some considerable amount of time to learn.


With all this I think I will be able to find plenty to post about! So until next time………..